The on-line massage course for couples.

The course is based on a shared relaxation.

Because of this basic principle, these massage skills and techniques are ideal for giving each other that little bit of extra attention.

Easy to learn massage techniques that are selected and put into a simple program that teaches you to relax together and to provide a breath of fresh air from head to toe.

A course with a positive effect on mutual contact, patience and trust.

Specially selected “soft” and “dry” massage techniques.

“Dry techniques” that is, without oil and fully clothed.

‘Soft” means that the techniques are aimed at releasing tension by a harmonious breath between the giver and receiver and to feel, follow, nurture and help each other’s flow of energy.



Onderwerp: Nikon Together English
Georganiseerd Door: admin
Aanvang: vrijdag, jun 11, 2021 15:55
Duur: 40 minutes
Current Timezone: UTC

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