The will to let go of all will ????

The idea behind the classes is that I will share all the knowledge transferred to me during a 25-year study at home and abroad in various oriental arts.

Lesson from the elderly with insights focused on implantation and adaptation in lifestyle.

Western learning differs from Eastern learning in that Eastern students first accept teachings as truth and then perhaps begin to understand, while Western learning begins with understanding and then eventually accepting lessons as truth.

Being of a mixed race and growing up in an Asian and European family and culture has given me the opportunity to use both approaches in my personal studies.

At certain point’s in your life. Some things are understood or simply not understood.

As an example, here are some statements that I have heard from my teachers.

We are our senses.

Our personal challenges allow us to transcend ourselves.

When ceiling’s disappears, everything becomes one.

Everything takes place in the here and now.

Laziness, corruption and no free thinking are major threats.

Experience reality as it is.

Emptiness – is the great connector, therefore there is nothing that exists only on its own.

Emptiness offers the opportunity to return to your original state.

Sometimes there are layers around you like layers around an onion and sometimes those layers are not based on reality.

There is always a contact with one’s original state, although maybe not consciously there is always a connection.

Your original state has a subtle inner voice that sometimes seems to disappear in the chaos of fear anger frustrations, and the urge to succeed.

There are ups and downs of inescapable emotions.

Emotion and morally good behavior can sometimes clash.

These moments can be lessons of detachment of independence … of compassion.

These are moments of truth.

Make an effort to guide your life path by listening to your subtle inner voice.

Emotion is an undeniable phenomenon in life.

Embrace chaos and complete the circle, so you can give it a place in your life.

It is easy to be guided, but there is also a time to follow your own decisions in this.

World peace begins with personal peace and that begins with peace of mind and body.

Fortunately, we can reach the mind through the body.

A balanced body stimulates a harmonious mind.

The uniqueness of human beings lies in the ability to make moral choices.