Early bird morning yoga

Start the day smooth, full of energy and in touch..

Very easy body movements in combination with a vitalizing breath. 

mountain on, mountain off

Ten individual training sessions of one and a half hours. With a minimum of once a week.


Structural scheduled 1 on 1 on-line meetings of 13 minutes during working hours.

MIzu nokokoro

Meditation course with basic conditions, postures and repetitions taken from SOTO Zen teachings.


The on-line massage course for couples.

The course is based on a shared relaxation. 

sadako’s mission

A free online meeting, where you are learned how to fold the traditional origami cranes of peace and hope.


The unrelenting quest through training, training and training. 

That training is even a quest was quite a discovery for me. 

I had simply thrown myself into the world of the martial arts with complete dedication. 

Until I met a master who let me look in the mirror so that all kinds of questions became clear to me. 

Why do I do what I do, why have I been training day in and out for years and years. 

Why do I give my most important possession my time and attention to body movements, joint locks and “perfecting” stick and sword strokes? 

Is my motivation one out of love or out of fear? How does this notion of ying and yang present itself in my life? 

What does “What you pay your attention that will grow” mean for my daily experiences? 

Is there a connection between my attitude and what “happens” to me during my life? 

These questions reflected by my teacher have brought me to the healing path of the martial arts (the balancing side of martial art). 

A path that has led to wonderful encounters with all kinds of masters in the healing side of the martial arts. 

From whom I learned all kinds of health-promoting body movements, techniques and philosophies. 

The following are appealing to me the most. 

A peaceful environment is a happy environment. 

A peaceful environment interacts with a peaceful mind. 

An unconsciously peaceful mind can be positively influenced by the attitude by which you perform any physical action. 

As my Zen teacher told me … 

“Luckily we can reach the mind through the body” 

In short 

Improve your balance through balance exercises. 

Ease the mind by relaxing the muscles. 

Sit still and relax. 

Exhale and let go. 

Dare to be and to look into the world. 

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Our Dojo

Our online lessons will be streamed from our dojo


Early bird morning yoga

Offer: pay 5 Euro’s a month instead of 22 Euro’s

mountain on, mountain off

Price on demand

work healthy-stay healthy

150 Euro’s for three hours:

-Entrance and theorie . 15 minutes

-First lesson 1 hour and 10 minutes

-Change Question and answers 15 minutes

-Second lesson 1 hour and 10 minutes

-Question and answers and goodbye 10 minutes

EMIzu nokokoro

Price on demand

nikon together

Price on demand

sadako’s mission


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