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In the real life, we pray for real things. Send a virtual prayer in our digital world :o)

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About Buddhism

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What is Buddhist Prayer ?

The purpose of Buddhist prayer is to awaken our inherent inner capacities of strength, compassion and wisdom rather than to petition external forces based on fear, idolizing, and worldly and/or heavenly gain. Buddhist prayer is a form of meditation; it is a practice of inner reconditioning. Buddhist prayer replaces the negative with the virtuous and points us to the blessings of Life. For Buddhists, prayer expresses an aspiration to pull something into one's life, like some new energy or purifying influence and share it with all beings. Likewise, prayer inspires our hearts towards wisdom and compassion for others and ourselves. It allows us to turn our hearts and minds to the beneficial, rousing our thoughts and actions towards Awakening. If we believe in something enough, it will take hold of us. In other words, believing in it, we will become what we believe. Our ability to be touched like this is evidence of the working of Great Compassion within us. What's more, it can a function as a form of self-talking or self-therapy in which one mentally talks through a problem, or talks through it aloud, in the hope that some new insight will come or a better decision can be made. Prayer therefore frequently has the function of being part of a decision-making process.


Refuge Prayer

O Amida, I take refuge in you,
Ocean of Oneness,
Eternal Life and Light ;
Entrusting with my whole heart and mind In your Primal Vow ;
I am empowered by you to live a full, Compassionate and creative life,
I dedicate myself to the service of all beings,
Striving to help others realize,
Their human potential and Enlightenment;
May your Teachings guide me Throughout the day, in my relationships,
work and play.
Namo Amida Buddha


"Sesorang sebaiknya tidak hanya menghormati agamanya sendiri dan mengutuk agama lain, tetapi seseorang sebaiknya menghormati agama lain dengan alasan tertentu. Dengan berbuat demikian, sesorang membantu agamanya sendiri untuk tumbuh dan menyumbangkan jasa bagi agama lain. Dengan berbuat sebaliknya sesorang menggali kubur bagi agamanya sendiri dan juga menyakiti agama lain.
Barang siapa yang menghormati agamanya sendiri dan mengutuk agama lain, melakukannya melalui pemujaan terhadap agamanya sendiri, berpikir, ' Saya akan memuliakan agama saya sendiri.' Namun sebaliknya dengan berbuat demikian ia justru melukai agamanya sendiri dengan lebih parah ; maka kerukunan itu baik adanya. Biarkan semua mendengar dan berniat untuk mendengarkan ajaran yang dianut oleh orang lain." (Asoka)

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